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EXOT HOBBY s.r.o. (Ltd), established on May 5th 2003, took over most of the activities of Vladimíra Suchánková - EXOT HOBBY.

Who is who 

Tomas Suchanek (elder)

has been breeding fish since seven years old. He started selling his surplus fishes to the hobbyists, other breeders and traders in 1962. Twenty six years later he began to attend to this activity on a professional level. Tomas Suchanek is a creator of a unique fish food formula SAK 55.



Vladimíra Suchánková

wife of Tomas Suchanek, established the company Vladimíra Suchánková - EXOT HOBBY which had been dealing in fish trade, technology and equipment for breeders in years 1992 - 2003. Nowadays, the company specializes mainly in fish trade. Other activities came under EXOT HOBBY ltd. on July 1st, 2003.



Michala Suchánková

wife of Jakub Suchanek, has been working for the company since 1997. Her first position was an accountant and later on she became a distributor. In 2003 she became a founder and co-partner of EXOT HOBBY s.r.o.



Ing. Jakub Suchánek

the youngest son of Vladimira and Tomas Suchanek, is in charge of business and economic matters of the company. He studied Faculty of Management, University of Economics in Prague, which he succesfully accomplished in 2001. If you need any additional information, contact him.



Tomas Suchanek (junior)

the middle son of Vladimira and Tomas Suchanek, studied a biochemical high school. He worked as a production manager in the aquarium production company since 1997. Now he acts as a manufacturing manager and supervisor of fish food SAK production.



Mgr. Šárka Suchánková

wife of Tomas Suchanek, has become a founder of EXOT HOBBY s.r.o. together with Michala Suchankova. She studied Pedagogic University in Ceske Budejovice which she successfully accomplished in 1996. Now she acts as a financial accountant of EXOT HOBBY s.r.o.



Ing. Lenka Pomikálková

Lenka Pomikalkova, a university friend of Jakub Suchanek, finished the University of Economics, Faculty of Management in 2002. She is a sales representative and distributor of fish food SAK for foreign countries.


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